Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dreams - and making them come true...

There are indications that people other than my immediate family actually read this. A blog I read is Boanerges and Peter apparently reads mine. After reading about my intention to participate in the BWC in October, Peter posts about his plan to walk the length of France. This prompts two thoughts: firstly, how pleasant it would be to spend a week walking in France with a self confessed fellow "Grumpy" (so I have volunteered to accompany him on one installment), and secondly, How many other "recently retired" gents are harbouring similar dreams? There must be thousands of us.

Gentlemen, let us band together and do the things we have promised ourselves we will do. Life is too short. We really don't need all this decorating, gardening and shopping that fascinates our beloveds, it is time for planning and the implementation of our plans. Dream no longer, let us make our dreams come true.

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Corrigan47 said...

Dreamers Unite! Rock on brother!