Friday, 20 February 2009

Looking down the right end of the telescope.....?

Following my last rant, it is now time to say that I support the decision of the Law Lords who found that our state has abused the rights of the poisonous Abu Qatada cleric. While I disagree with everything the poisonous cleric says, we really must stop thinking we can lock people up and throw away the key without giving them a fair trial first. It must not be allowed to continue. If you are to be locked up, then you have the right to know the charge and see the evidence against you. Where are all our freedoms going. This ragbag of a Government seems to think it can trample all over us. It must be told to stop. Now. I wish I thought that potential Governments formed by the other major parties would be better, but I very much doubt that they would be.

As for this Al Qatada, if he is not British, then we should throw him out, and if we believe Jordan to be a civilised state, and they want him to face charges there, then he should be deported there to face them.

I see that today, Hazel Blears has told her cabinet colleagues to "Get a Grip". These are exactly the words I would use, if I was facing a meeting of the cabinet today. The quote attributed to her is "Our first loyalty is to the British people." At long last someone seems to be remembering why they are there. I wish I thought her message would hit home and her colleaues will take notice, but somehow, I don't think that will happen. A plague on all their houses (especially both of Jackie Smith's!)

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