Monday, 23 February 2009

Gosh, they're good.

I am feeling distinctly humble. My sons have caused this feeling which is slightly strange for me, as I rarely feel inadequate. James has been elected as Societies Officer for 2009/2010 at Warwick University, Thomas has been elected as College President for St Aidan's at Durham for the same period, and Chris is preparing to lead a session at the next EYP meeting on the topic of the Israel/Palestine conflict and has condensed the subject into 400 words. These achievements in those who I still think of as young have me thinking that I haven't done much lately. Replaying the conversations I've had with the twins I get the impression that their campaigning has involved great effort. That only increases my admiration for them. I suspect that their studies may have suffered slightly and I hope that they have sufficient time, energy and motivation to catch up with topics thay may have missed.

The consequence of their victories in their respective elections is that James and Thomas will not be coming home to live here next year and they have successfully put off having to find a job. This is probably a good move in the current economic climate. It also means that as Chris will definitely go off to university in October, my beloved wife and I will have the place to ourselves for at least a year.

The world is good and we have so much to be thankful for.

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Thomas said...

Look dad, I have not "put off getting a job", I have got a job. I will be earning a wage next year, and have taken my first step on the careers ladder!