Thursday, 5 March 2009


Oh dear, my beloved has discovered how to add comments to my blog posts. You will see her comment on my last post is that I have not yet replaced a floor tile that was damaged in the Great Loo Debacle. This is scheduled to be replaced on Saturday, but I may not do the job then, just to annoy her. Any judgment on the value of her comments, I shall leave to you, dear reader.

Our twins are 21 and having a whale of a time at University. I think that with exams coming up next term, some work might even be being done. However, trying to get them to tell me when they will be coming home is a nightmare. There are so many dependencies. Open days, Student Union Officer training, Regattas, singing gigs, etc., etc., etc. I think one will have to go and get his brother. In fact that seems to solve all the problems. Let them sort themselves out.

Chris's (no. 3 son) departure for Thailand and Cambodia draws ever closer. Once he has gone, we will be a real derby and Joan for about 5 days!

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