Saturday, 7 March 2009

My New Toy..... a Land Rover Defender 90 200 Tdi. It used to belong to my cousin. He is getting a much newer one and wondered if I would like his old one? I would.
If I'm honest, I wasn't going to have a defender just yet, but opportunities like this have to be taken when they arise. It is in immaculate condition for its age and mileage with only a couple of jobs needed. The radio did not work and neither did the work light that illuminates the area behind the rear door.

Both of these have now been fixed. Halfords had a good deal on a radio and the internet is awash with people and companies selling parts for old Land Rovers, one of which had a good deal on working lights. It would benefit from a replacement side step, and my beloved wife is, I think, going to struggle a tad when getting in. There are a number on eBay, so I'm hopeful that one can be acquired.

Hey ho, now for a summer of tinkering around and having days out in muddy fields.

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Paul said...

Sounds excellent and I'm sure it will enjoy being at home where it was made