Wednesday, 25 March 2009

An interesting few days

I have been a poor blogger recently. For this I apologise. Over the next few days, my usual routine will be set aside for other things. Today I am off to London to learn about a new system the Methodist Church have introduced for those churches about to embark on a property development scheme. My somewhat jaundiced view is that the Methodist authorities don't make life for their churches very easy and it will be interesting to see if this new scheme simplifies things. My visit to our capital means I have the pleasure of staying with Rob and Sue for the night and I shall make my way home tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day when Thomas is due to arrive home (with my car) following his involvement in the St Aidan's College Open days being held for the benefit of potential undergraduates who will be freshers in October. Having got himself elected as College President ("All Hail To The Chief" will be ringing out here at home....) he has to say wise words to these young people. I am inordinately proud of his achievement in being elected, although I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

James's girlfriend, Charlotte also arrives tomorrow - I always wonder what my sons have said in order to prepare their girlfriends for a visit to our home.

On Friday I shall visit the Outdoors Exhibition at the NEC. As a Over 60, I get a concessionary entrance. I am looking forward to going. It will be nice to see all the new activities that are being developed for our enjoyment.

Ah well, must go, I've a train to catch.

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