Sunday, 15 March 2009

He will HATE this....

My previous post was an attempt to portray the mess left by No. 3 son.

In a move that surpasses anything I could have dreamed up, his mother and sister have "Tidied" his room. Picture below shows the new facility.

Tidy Desk

Tidy Bookcase

Tidy floor

This herculean effort by our beloved ladies has revealed another mug, 6 more empty beer bottles and a container of what was once cream cheese. 3 complete series of The West Wing DVDs were found. It has also revealed that Chris is a serial "borrower" of other peoples' clothes. There were my shirts, socks and underpants, there were his brothers' shirts, there was even one of his mother's nighties!?

The total and unsurpassed beauty of this development is that Chris will HATE it. However, something had to be done, and something has indeed been done.

There remains the issue of prevention following the cure. This will be the topic of a long conversation (or perhaps a very short one) when he returns.

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