Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ok Ross, Over to you.

Well the garage is now cleared of everything that we do not want. The Landrover has been checked over and is ready for the journey home. I will spend tomorrow packing up and putting the house in order for the period until someone else turns up here. Which I think will be James and friends on Monday.

I will review the checklist and leave a copy out for him. If the weather next week is like today he will have a nice few days.

The news is full of our allowance grabbing parliamentarians. They have reduced me to speechlessness. I cannot comprehend how they think that what they have been doing is acceptable. It has been a revelation. Clearly one has to have any vestige of integrity and honour removed before you take the oath of allegiance and are allowed in. However, it seems to me that if Ross Brawn can take a Formula 1 team from non-existence to producing a one-two finish in their first Grand Prix, perhaps we should install him as a benevolent dictator for a period of 4 years to manage our nation. During this period the politicians will be made to take a work break where they apply for a job and work for the same salary as others in the job. While doing so they are barred from making any public utterances, but their husbands are permitted to watch adult movies if they so wish! Those who can't make it in the real world are then barred from holding public office ever again. The only condition is that anyone from North of the Border is not allowed a job in the Financial Services Industry, as they clearly don't understand the concept of risk.

Let it be.

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