Saturday, 16 May 2009

Talk about getting what we deserve...

The continuing revelations about MPs and the expenses they have been claiming is now becoming tedious. It is with some relief that I read here that the Metropolitan Police are to investigate some of the claims. I say this because it seems to me that some of the characters must be dismissed and/or prosecuted. That is what would happen to people in other walks of life. My only worry is that the Met are so incompetent that they will probably make a complete lash-up of the enquiry.

There seem to be two cases so far, of MPs claiming expenses for mortgages which have been paid off. Now these have to be straightforward and unarguable cases of fraud, surely? If these people are so unworldly that they cannot remember whether they have a mortgage or not on a particular property, then they are so mentally handicapped that they should not be allowed out on their own, and should certainly not be allowed to stand for election to Parliament.

There are two aspects of the story that make me smile somewhat:- the first is the complete lack of control that the top politicians have over the story and where it goes next. For a control freak like Gordon Brown, this must be the most disturbing aspect of the whole thing. The second is the completely bungling approach of Mr Speaker, the poisonous Michael Martin. He could have avoided nearly all this, but chose to fight the inevitable with the outcome we can now all see. I hope the Honourable Ladies and Gentlement are pleased with their choice of Speaker. The Prat.

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