Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Losing it?

There is a story on the news here about Norman Tebbitt calling for voters to avoid major parties and vote for a representative of a smaller party. Now Lord Tebbitt is entitled to his views and he is entitled to play games if he wants to. However, I am concerned if this kind of brain rot sets in universally with advancing age. Will it happen to me? Or does it only happen to aging politicians? Can there be any other reason why he would say such a thing, after working all his political life for the Tory Party. I can't see it.

There are any number of ways to let your MP know how you feel on a particular topic of the day. I like the website. It has certaily worked for me. Why on earth would anyone want to risk electing a UKIP, BNP or Socialist Worker Party representative by voting for one of the smaller parties? The old boy has lost the plot I'm afraid and should go back to sleep.

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