Monday, 4 May 2009

How not to and How to make an impression.

We have returned from Havant and our journey was fine other than a short delay caused by an overturned caravan. Luckly this happened in the vicinity of a junction and we were able (under direction from the police) to go up the exit slip road and then rejoin the A34 by going down the on slip road.

I can't help thinking that the driver must have been doing something daft, and as a result many thousands of us were held up for a while. It was a large caravan lying on its side, the towing vehicle was badly damaged and a holiday weekend comprehensively ruined. It certainly doesn't help the image of caravaners.

We must thank Peter and Ingrid for their hospitality and their food, they certainly have a good collection of friends who came to celebrate Ingrid's birthday.

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