Saturday, 30 May 2009

A small but very satisfying triumph.

Our youngest son is a bit of a sports nut. Some weeks ago he started to play squash and has been pressing me to give him a game. Having had a heart condition, I have been reluctant to yield to his requests, but on the strict understanding that I could stop if I was in any discomfort, I gave in and played him this morning. Somewhat to his surprise (and mine!) I beat him fairly comfortably 5 games to 0. Slight gamesmanship was needed, and once I had identified his weaknesses on the court, I'm afraid I exploited them ruthlessly. He got quite close in one game, but then I was able to concentrate and claw level and then win.

Sometimes these whippersnappers have to be shown that we old buggers know a thing or two and are not completely devoid of talent.

In fairness to him, has played two games of cricket this afternoon, while all I have done is sit in the sun. He is fine, and I am completely knackered.

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