Monday, 6 April 2009

Comings and Goings

There are lots of people in and passing through our home, all of them younger than me. It is a delight to have them here, but I do wonder what impression of us they take away with them when they leave.

Chris is coming home soon and will arrive late on Sunday evening, James and his girlfriend Charlotte have gone off to Cornwall on a recce of the Chamber Choir Concert Tour to be undertaken this Summer. Thomas's girlfriend, Sarah has arrived from Manchester. Her first impression is that Solihull is posh...., but she has now gone to look round the town, and I think she will find that it is just a clone of most other towns in the land.

Freecycle has worked its magic once again, and I have got rid of the cupboards that have been replaced by the furniture I brought back from Cornwall. The hall is full of poly bags that are allegedly on their way to a charity shop, and I have weeded two beds in the garden. Things aren't too bad.

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