Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Another Wednesday, Another Train Journey

The good news was that the Cross Country train was on time, clean and comfortable. However, once again I was impressed with the average Brit's inability to find a reserved seat in a train. I know I have mentioned this before in this blog, but something is wrong somewhere if grown men and women cannot board a train and find their seat.

Another quirk that us Brits display is that we feel the need to stand up and prepare to disembark the train 10 or 15 minutes before we actually arrive in a station. Now at Tiverton Parkway, where we stop for maybe 2 minutes, this might make sense. Except that no-one gets on or off at Tiverton Parkway. But at Bristol Temple Meads or Birmingham New Street, where the train stops for 8 to 10 minutes, one really can wait until the train has stopped before gathering up ones belongings and making for the door.

I know I've done the journey a number of times now, but I can get from New Street to Moor Street in Birmingham in about 6 minutes. This enables me to catch a fast train from Moor Street to Solihull and I get home in about 18 minutes which includes the 10 minute walk home from Solihull Station. So from getting into New Street I can be home in 25 minutes. Not Bad.

Once home, I spend a happy couple hours going through the mail, and this return, there wasn't much of interest. The pressure is on number 3 son to get various forms filled up before his university entrance. I do wish he was a bit more enthusiastic.

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