Monday, 21 April 2008

The cartoon on the left is one of our favourites. It hangs in our downstairs loo. The caption reads "All of my family have grown up, except my husband of course", and it strikes a chord with all our female visitors who see it.

I am far from clear why men retain childish qualities all their lives. Certainly as I get older, I'm sure I get more childish. Perhaps it is a manifestation of the desire to combat aging in any way we can.

The second picture, kindly brought to my attention by my daughter, shows me demonstrating this tendency at her 30th birthday party.

"Why do I do these things?" I ask myself. Answer comes there none. Further thinking about this lack of answer raises the question "Why don't I do something before it is absolutely necessary?"

I'm something of a procrastinator, and the evidence suggests that my children have inherited this trait.

Experience tells me that if I do something now:-
a) no-one objects (well maybe someone does, but only once in a blue moon)
b) it almost always saves work and effort in the long run.

So it seems I don't want to learn this lesson. I must think about it some more.

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