Friday, 11 April 2008

What is it about these people?

Previous posts have described people who really don't seem to have clue how the world works, and I experienced another example this week.

On Wednesday, I traveled back from Cornwall. The seat reservation system was not operating for the first part of the journey, and so when it was restored, we all shuffled round to find our rightful seat. I swapped seats with a very old lady who wanted to face the direction of travel, and sat next to another woman. At Exeter, a lady got on and asked my neighbour to move, as she was sitting in her reserved seat. My neighbour looked at her own ticket, showed it to the new arrival and explained that she was sitting in the correct seat. The new arrival started to get aggressive, so I asked as politely as possible if I could see her ticket. She virtually threw it at me and told me that my neighbour was in her seat. Having read the ticket, I drew a deep breath and explained that her reservation was for seat 38 in coach D and that we were in coach C. As she stomped off, I also felt obliged to call out and point out that she was heading in the wrong direction.

A young man in the seats opposite got the giggles at this point, which he just managed to control and until our new arrival had stomped off to find her seat.

Watching people as they board the train, it never fails to astonish me at how hard people apparently find it to locate their reserved seat. It ought to form part of a test of adulthood. If you can't find your seat on a train within 4 minutes, you will be sent for remedial training.

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