Saturday, 19 April 2008

I'm rubbish, but The Who, they're something else.

Having been on my own (well, with a 17 year old son, so it is much the same) for all of three days, I have decided that I am absolutely pants at household management. I can shop and cook, so we are not hungry, but I am hopeless at cleaning, laundry and all the other things that my beloved wife obviously does for me (and for our sons). Having washed my socks, I forgot to hang them out. Then I nearly forgot to bring them in. I have now managed to hang them out to air in the garden room, but it has taken me three days. And the sock Gremlin has got one! The house is still reasonably tidy, except for my study, and I must wash some shirts today.

Last evening, I watched the programme entitled "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who". I have several of their albums and have enjoyed their music, but the story of their rise, fall and subsequent rebirth had me completely fascinated for the whole of the two and a half hours that it was on. Clearly Keith Moon was a complete basket case, and John Entwhistle was not far behind. Pete Townsend is (or was) a tortured soul and Roger Daltry has, to some extent, held the band together, despite being thrown out of it at one point. My abiding memory will be the love that Townsend and Daltry obviously have for each other after some 44 years of working together, and the clarity of Daltry's explanation for their success. They just love performing the music in front of people who like it.

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