Monday, 28 April 2008

A feeling of Dread

At twenty to three in the morning I am not at my best. I know this because at twenty to three this morning, I became aware that someone was calling my name. I got blearily out of bed to find my Mum sprawled on the floor in her bedroom with blood flowing from a big gash on her left arm.

Operating on autopilot, I got her to attend to the call of nature, and then I managed to bandage her arm with some cotton wool and surgical tape. I think Mum was more relieved to get back into bed than me. I didn't sleep much after that.

The District Nurse came and made a better job of the bandage than I'd been able to, but was complimentary about my efforts, which was nice of her.

I'm beginning to feel trapped. I have a growing suspicion that I won't be going home on Wednesday........

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