Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Sock Gremlin and how to defeat him (her?)

Today I washed my socks. Now why on earth would anyone mention this in a blog? Well, my socks have legendary status in this house. They are processed through the laundry entirely separate from anything else. Somewhere in the process that normally operates there is a Gremlin who secretes socks so that when they emerge, all clean and dry, there are not the same number of pairs that were in the sock only laundry box at the start of the process. Occasionally the Gremlin slips up and a rogue sock escapes from his cache to rejoin its partner after a period, but, in general, once he (she?) has his (her?) hands on them, they are never seen again. Thus I end up with a steadily increasing number of add socks.

Now, when I wash my socks the process varies very slightly. They are paired up at the point of being hung up to dry. Thus they dry in the fresh air with their partner - "The socks that dry together stay together" I say - and they then make the final journey back into my sock drawer together. Everyone is happy.

I would be delighted to hear if this Gremlin has collaborators in other households or is it just me who has this growing collection of odd socks?

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