Thursday, 3 April 2008

Courtesies or rather, a lack of...

I have mentioned before that I have grumpy old man tendencies. Today I was on the receiving end of two pieces of behaviour that I think were discourteous, and I'll recount them here and let you decide.

This morning my mother's car went for its MOT test. It failed because it needed two new tyres, and a message was left on my mobile requesting me to call and approve the expenditure. So far, so good. However the receptionist did not leave the number to call. So, being away from the house, I had to phone Directory Enquiries to get the number. This struck me as the work of a really dumb receptionist - if you want someone to phone you, at least tell them the number they have to call.

The second case was as follows: we had an appointment for a visit from someone from the company supplying mothers care package. It was for 15:00. At 15:40 I phoned them to be advised that they were "snowed under" and would not be coming. Surely, if you are not going to keep an appointment, then it is only polite to call and tell the person you are supposed to be meeting. Are manners dying, or am I just a "Grumpy Old Man"?

I was going to put something else in this post, but I'm looking at the screen, my mind having gone completely blank. I'll post again when I remember it.

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