Wednesday, 29 April 2009

"C- , Could do better"

Let me say straight away that I have never been a great fan of Gordon Brown, the guy is just too dour and miserable looking. More importantly (for me anyway), he seems to be completely unable to admit that he has got something wrong.

Recently, he appears to have got two issues completely wrong : MP's expenses and the treatment of ex Gurkha soldiers. Surely the best way to recover his credibility would be to appear on TV and say "I misjudged these two issues and the proposals I made did not meet the needs to the people who would be affected. My government will now revise these proposals to ensure that we will meet the needs of those affected and will not cease until our revised proposals command support". A touch of humility would make him seem human. I will wager we don't get such a statement and that is why he and his party will be routed at the next General Election and they will deserve it.

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