Sunday, 12 April 2009

Oh dear....

Very Sad. My retirement project was brought home on the back of a transporter. The clutch pedal will not move. It is far from clear what is causing this. However, since I was thinking about replacing both the clutch master and slave cylinders, this piece of work will have to be brought forward in the plan. Both jobs have been examined in the workshop manual and while they look as though they'll take a bit of time, neither should cause any major headaches. (that has all the look of some famous last words....).

Chris was driving some of his friends when this sadness occurred, but the RAC came up trumps and got him home. They all regarded it as a bit of an adventure, but Chris feels slightly guilty that he was driving when whatever it is has broken.

Ah well, after the trip to Paris, I can spend a few happy hours looking at it.

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