Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hunting of the Chocolate

It is Easter Sunday. That means it is Chocolate Hunt day. The boys are confined to teir rooms while Jini hides around 3kg of chocolate. A collection of sweets, chocolate bars and biscuits are spread around the house, and then over a period of two hours, the young people in the house play "Hunt the Chocolate". This year there are only two palyers as James is off playing bridge in London. he returns this evening. In past years this would not have been too much of a handicap as chocolate bars turn up for months and years after the event. Earlier this year, my beloved found a mini bar of something, ate it, and then declared that it tasted over two years old.

As a result of my diabetes, I am not allowed to take part, but where I spot a bar, I have a habit of moving it to somewhere that I know has already been searched and from where any bars have been removed. This has the effect of promoting discord and disharmony as people agrue about "who searched there?". Well, say I, some spice has to be added to the proceedings.

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