Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lists..... Lots of them

Life is dominated by lists of things to do written on small pieces of paper. One problem is that there are so many lists, many of the items thereon are duplicated. Slowly, I am getting them consolidated on to one list. I have even managed to do some of the things on the lists.

I can't help thinking that Bob Quick the former most senior counter-terrorism police officer very much brought about his own downfall. He was a high ranking, high profile police officer with what was undoubtedly a very demanding and difficult job, but he gets out of a car in front of a mass of media without stopping to think for a few seconds about what he has in his hands. His mistake was not to have in place a regime of operating that would make such a blunder impossible to make. He should have had a bag carrier - some lowly soul who carried and guarded his papers for him and who had the responsibility on ensuring that the papers were safely stowed before the car arrived at its destination.

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