Monday, 14 January 2008

Did I fail as a father?

The twins went back to university as soon as they politely could after New Year. Thomas had a first Aid course to attend and James had his usual collection of commitments around music, bridge and generally having fun. Before they both left, I tried to impress upon them that their mother and I require a phone call or an e-mail once each week. Personally, I don't think that one communication per week is much to ask.

Due to some cunning planning, they now get all they're money from the state or from their respective universities, and so I have lost the only lever I had, i.e. the ability to withhold financial resources. In the cold light of day, I cheerfully acknowledge that this was blackmail - "Talk to us once a week or no money will be paid into your account" was the premise. Now I've lost the ability to threaten, I am having to appeal to their better nature - and they don't appear to have one.

So Please please chaps, can we have one e-mail or phone call each week , just to let us know that you are still alive and enjoying life (and not broke!)

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jamesh said...

To be fair, I did ring Mum a couple of days ago. I'll ring again tomorrow.

I've even written a letter to Granny when I found out quite how much she enjoyed the last one.