Saturday, 12 January 2008

I think I want one of these....

On Thursday, I had to take our little Fiat Panda to the garage for a problem with the windscreen wipers to be fixed. As I waited for the problem to be diagnosed and then fixed, I asked if they had a model of the new Fiat 500 which is to be launched on 21st Jan at 20:00. They did and very kindly they brought it round to the front of their premises for me to look at.

The Salesman then had to go and hand over a new car to a customer, so I had some 30 minutes alone with the new car. What a little cracker!

The model I was lucky enough to be able to touch, see and feel was a 1.4 litre Sport. It had a lovely black leather interior and the finish inside was superb. The only option on this one that I would not have was the white stripes.

I wondered why 20:00 on 21st Jan for a launch, and then it was pointed out that this was exactly 500 hours into 2008.

So, many thanks to Grays of Warwick and I'm off to buy a lottery ticket.

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