Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Nice to be home.

Well last evening my beloved wife and I went to the launch party of the new Fiat 500 and I definitely want one.

Today an impromptu walk round the park was very enjoyable and a baked potato and cheese toastie with tea and coffee in the park nature reserve snack bar made a most acceptable lunch.

Two trips to the tip got rid of the rubbish that had accumulated in the trailer and the dead fridge/freezer, and new number plates for the trailers were acquired.

Having submit an application for Carer's Allowance over the web, I was astonished when a very nice lady phoned today to ask if I had posted the other documents they require. I explained that I had put them in the post this very morning and she said that they would expect to complete the examination of my claim inside two weeks.

Been a busy old day compared to those I spend in Cornwall.

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