Saturday, 12 January 2008

Kindness and clean loos

People are kind. My mother (who as regular readers will know) has been unwell recently and is getting frailer every time I see her. On Wednesday she had an exhausting day and paid the price yesterday (Friday). She fell twice and at least had the sense to ring for help. Her neighbour (an ex-GP who should be nominated for Sainthood), together with my uncle and aunt attended the scene of the crisis and got mum into bed. After a short conflab, my uncle decided he would stay the night in my mum's spare room, and called me to urge me to come to Cornwall today.

Mother astonished both of them by being up and about this morning and making her brother a cup of early morning tea.

My drive here was uneventful but memorable for the spectacularly clean and comfortable loos in the service station where I stopped for fuel. It is a BP station, the first on the A30 in Cornwall and I unreservedly recommend it. It is to be hoped that the loos will be spared the attention of some of the more mindless individuals who get their fun from wrecking facilities such as these. Oh and I nearly forgot, the young lady who took my payment was most attractive.

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