Sunday, 6 January 2008

Easy Sunday

The twins have now gone back to Uni. By all accounts no. 2 son had the most awful journey to Durham yesterday afternoon and evening, setting off at 2:30 and arriving at around 11:00, but when you're young, you can cope with that (apparently).

With no. 3 son working today, we have had the day to ourselves to take down the Christmas decorations and prepare for the forthcoming week. It has been very quiet and peaceful.

Looking through the Christmas cards as they were taken down tells me that our address book is way out of date and that the electronic version is even more so. I shall have to fix that this week.

The leaflet that came with the No Diet Diet today certainly struck a chord and I shall try and complete the checklist of things to do this week in an effort to try something new every day. It is amazing the habits we get into (to the point that we don't even recognise some behaviours as habits). I have resolved to try and recognise mine and change the ones that are hindering me from adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

I shall attempt to report progress here every day, so watch this space.

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