Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Cars and cats

Well, I definitely want one. I drove the new Fiat 500 for the best part of an hour this morning, and I want one. So, all those of you who keep asking what I want for Christmas, Birthday and Father's Day, now you know.

While the car was being serviced, I met up with an old friend and ex-colleague. He seemed fine but made me smile with his story of his wife trying to sell her business. It has now got somewhat fraught and Andy is afraid to mention the subject at home. I know the feeling.

The photo left shows one of our two cats - this one being Jasmine Sparkle, Jazzie for short. Well she's lost all her Sparkle for the last 30 hours and so off she went to the vet this afternoon. She has had to remain in their hospital - very sad. We've had Siamese cats for more than 30 years and from memory this is the first time I've ever come away from the vets without the cat I took in. Very strange it felt too. I know she is in the best place, and that she will be well looked after, but I miss her. I've no doubt I shall get a pain in the wallet tomorrow, too.

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