Monday, 4 February 2008

Home again

I arrived home at around 3:30 this afternoon to be met by my beloved wife who has had a haircut today and was immaculately turned out. It reminded me just how lovely she is.

Thomas (No. 2 son) is phoning his mother regularly, so he is in the good books. Chris (No. 3 son) has put petrol in the car, so he is in the good books. James (No. 1 son) has failed to keep in contact with his mother and so is deep in the poohey stuff. When you read this, son, phone home to save me from the ear bashing that is rightfully yours.

At the request of my mother, I phone her the moment I get home (or at least I'm supposed to). This afternoon I forgot and when I did remember, I find I have left mum's answering machine on, so heard my own voice explaining that she was unable to come to the phone. Dummy!

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