Friday, 8 February 2008

Lunatics running the asylum

My son-in-law has very succinctly and accurately summed up my feelings for the Church of England in his latest blog post. You can find it here. Where Paul's post has a feel of anger about it, my main feeling is one of despair. Having been brought up in a Christian home, and having been an on/off churchgoer, I am left with the feeling that the current Archbishop of Canterbury is doing his best to destroy what is left of the C of E. I also fear that many other bishops and clergy are doing the same, the manner in which my mother's parish in Cornwall has been treated, being a classic example of ignoring those who fill the pews each week. On a personal note, I certainly regard our local rector as unworldly and distinctly out of touch.

Over recent weeks the Establishment has demonstrated that it is "Not fit for purpose" to quote the former Home Secretary, John Reid. Methinks the time is coming for a Republic. Up the Revolution.

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