Saturday, 16 February 2008

Old Friends

Today we rolled down to Hertfordshire to visit an old friend and his wife. Chris was the best boss I ever had and I learned more from him than anyone else in my working life. We have remained friends ever since. As always when we meet, we reminisced about some of the things we did and looking back at some of these antics, we must have been total hooligans. As Chris asked today, "Why did we take the doors off some 16 cubicles in Gents at the Colchester Service Centre?" "Because we could" seems to be the only answer. I only hope my sons are lucky enough to work with someone that crazy. It was also good to see an old friend looking much better after a long illness.

Chris had cooked the most enormous Steak and kidney pie for lunch and had worked my nickname into the pastry pie crust. Picture of this magnificent pie is on the left and you can just make out my nickname "Brains" in the pastry.
Thanks, Chris for a wonderful lunch. Quite how I got this nickname, I don't remember, now, but I'm sure it was not complimentary. But it is nice to have a pie named after me.

Chris and Bren live in a listed farmhouse in a small village not that far from Buntingford. He was regaling us with stories of dealings with the local Planning dept. who are being particularly unhelpful as they try and plan a new extension. Good luck with the architect on Monday.

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