Sunday, 10 February 2008

Seizing the Moment

A couple of posts ago, my daughter wrote a short note about "Seizing the Moment". (see the "Adventures of Archimedes" link on the right of this page...). Well, her mother and I had a similar moment today. For around 2 years, we have been on at my mother about the large amount of stuff contained in three cupboards in mum's hall. The stuff never gets used and the cupboards make the passge very cramped. Today, while mum was in church (may we be forgiven) we spent an hour removing the stuff and the cupboards to the garage.

We were expecting a huge sense of humour failure when she came home and found out what we'd done. Instead we got "This is splendid! There is much more room. Where have you put my stuff?".

All of which goes to reinforce a lesson I learned long ago, i.e. the world love action. People who take action are very rarely severely reprimanded for doing whatever it is they've done. So, if in doubt, Just Do It.

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Corrigan47 said...

Reading James' blog covering such things as the cycle ride to Paris and the Archimedean adventures of Herself regularly, you seem to have created a family of action takers. I like the sentiment "If in doubt, do it".
As indolent lazy sort of chap I feel tired just reading your blogs and must resolve to be more decisive, if not even more active.