Thursday, 28 February 2008

Personal MOT

Promptly at 08:30 I presented myself at the surgery for my personal MOT. This is the annual review of my diabetes and associated medication, lifestyle, blood pressure and general well-being. As with a classic car MOT test, the doc's computer details the checks that should be undertaken, so I find myself being referred to a chiropodist to check that the nerves in my feet are still working, a form for a blood test and a sample bottle to fill at my convenience (please pardon the pun!).

As I had a heart problem some 5 years ago, I was keen to get off the Avandamet drug which is risky for people like me. The doc concurred and has changed my prescription. The general conclusion so far is that I'm still very much roadworthy. This is something of a relief.

Chris's PC seems to have collapsed and his bedroom is so untidy, he will not let me in it to see if I can fix the PC - it must be BAD. We shall have to buy him a laptop soon to take to university, so this may be the trigger for that purchase.

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