Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Is this how it's supposed to work?

Every year I am asked to go and see my GP for an annual review of my diabetes. The letter arrived today, so I phoned the surgery. The first appointment available is during Thursday 21st February which is 16 days away. I'm just glad it isn't an emergency.....

Boots the Chemists have a really good system for repeat prescriptions. They keep the paperwork, all I do is phone Boots and tell them what I need, they take the paper copy of the prescription to the surgery, it is signed by the doctor (well, a scribble appears at the bottom) and Boots then collect and make up the bag of drugs that I requested. It all seems to go really well until I go to Boots to collect them. At this point, there is a long wait while they find the package, and at some point the poor soul searching has to refer to a computer system to confirm that it has actually reached this point in the process. They seem to store the packages in alphabetical order of surname, so my drugs ought to be in the H's. It seems they never are. Why have what looks like a perfectly good system and then not use it?

I have turned into a real Grumpy Old Man.

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