Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Welcome Back...

It is Wednesday, so I spent most of the daylight hours making my way, courtesy of Central Trains, Cross Country and First Great Western, to Cornwall. The final leg was a lift from my uncle from St. Austell station to my mothers home.

If there is one sight that is calculated to strike fear into the bravest of hearts, it is the sight of an emergency ambulance in the drive of ones parent's house and it has to be said that the Cornwall County emergency ambulances are an impressive sight. Anyway, one of these impressive vehicles was parked in my mother's drive when I arrived. My fears evaporated when I entered to meet two ambulance crew who explained that mother had had a fall and was recovering. The female member of the crew was helping my mum in the bathroom, and the two male members explained what had happened. They thought she did not need to go to hospital - big relief all round. I was struck by what nice, competent people they were. I suppose that you have to have certain personal qualities to do the job at all, and the training is pretty exhaustive, but aren't we fortunate that such people exist to serve us all.

The other aspect of today's drama that worked well was the Lifeline service provided by the local council. Well done, and thanks, everyone.

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